Help with PDF form building

I am working up a campaign that will use NBA for its core rules. It is basically a superspy campaign set in the 60’s where the PC’s are a special team gathered by a covert agency to counter a deadly threat to the US and the world. The exact nature and origin of the threat is still unknown. But what is sure is that the Soviet and Chinese blocks appear to be just as concerned/rattled as the US.

To support this game I have built up a character sheet to reflect the Cold War changes in Double Tap plus added “Fringe Science” as an Investigative Skill. I renamed “Vampireology” to “Threat Intel”. The PC’s cannot buy “Threat Intel” until they begin to uncover details later in the game.

The one thing I really wanted to do is have the character sheet populate bubbles for the pools like the fantastic NBA Agent Dossier by Matt Breen in resources. I am not so ambitious that I want it to do all the calculations like the dossier. I just want it to make bubbles. I have been reading thorough all of the documentation on Adobe 9 Pro (my version) plus online, and cannot find anything. I probably don’t know the magic term to use.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


  • The bubbles on my sheets are actually just a text field - I take the number they enter, and populate the text field with that many Ascii circles.

    String.fromCharCode(9675) is the Javascript identifier for the circle I used, and I just messed with the font and font size of the text field until it lined up with the background PDF.

    Let me know if that explains things clearly enough - I don't know how much JS you have.

    -M Breen.
  • Thanks Hypersmurf,

    I'll have to tinker a bit.

    Real life intruded on my gaming and time has gotten a bit scarce.....
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