Tips to speed up character creations with veteran players

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Step 1) By forum, I summerize the pitch and I ask every player to set their name, role and relations to each other, and to rank their skills.
Step 2) I start the game session by asking everyone to fill their Motivation and Poles. [I want to be near for this part].
Step 3) I ask everyone to work by pairs to set their "What I want and why I cannot have it". [I draw a quick graph with names and arrows to assure myself everyone is wanted by two other people.]
Step 4) I ask everyone to write "My story is of a man/woman who ..."
Step 5) I get the attention of everyone and I ask around the table for player 1 to explain : his Motivation, Poles and what his story is about. I ask it to each player one by one around the table so that everyone get it.
Step 6) I determine precedence.

So, the main idea here is :
- to get ride of the work that do not need to be done in group (name, role, skills)
- to parallelise character creation process (by removing precedence).

For a group of 5 players, it gets VERY noisy, but I reduced the creation time to only 1 hour. And people were less tired.

I wouldn't recommend it for a group of new players that needs to carefully explain the notions of the game.
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