What is your One Unique Thing?

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I would love to hear other people's character's One Unique Thing. I've been fooling around with some characters while I wait for a chance to run the game. I've only made a couple, but so far I have...

A Wood Elf Bard who's One Unique Thing is that He hatched out of an egg laid by The Green.

Which is cool, but I think the Relationships with Icons helps explain it a lot better.

He Has a positive relationship with the Three and the Priestess, who both believe that he will fulfill a prophecy that involves the Green, but in different ways. He has a conflicted relationship with the Elf Queen, who feels that I should live, but isn't sure that it won't cost her her life. Due to being a bard. I also have a negative relationship with the Crusader, who sees me as an evil spawn that should be taken care of... when there's time.

The other character I've made is a Human Fighter. His one unique thing is While trying to woo the Diabolist to save his village, the Diabolist stole his heart and put it in a glass bottle.

His relationships is a Conflicted one with the Diabolist (Hey, she has his heart. Literally), and a Positive one with the Prince of Shadows.

i'll add more when I make more characters, and I have no idea if a DM would let me use those things, but I find it a fun exercise.


  • Only the innocent trust me (Tindall Scipio, half-elf fighter)
    I used to be the Crusader's Squire (Mandor Leldorin, Human Paladin)
    Only secret agent trusted completely by the intelligence agencies of the allied Icons the Dragon Emperor, the Elf Queen and the Dwarf King (Alistair Thistleleaf, Halfling Rogue)
    Reputedly the cruelest savior you'll ever have (Malkin Swordsworn, Dark Elf Paladin)
    Consort to both the Elf Queen and the High Druid due to complicated Elven politics (Tercell, Wood Elf Ranger)
  • I love reading OUTs - there's actually a category for them over on 13thage.org - I'm hoping more folks will add them there. :)

    But I think one of my favorite OUTs I ever wrote was for a PC in one of the games I was running at GenCon and the character was "My alter-ego is the world's second greatest lover." This plucky little halfling rogue ended up with positive relationships with the Diabolist, The Elf Queen and the High Druid.

    She loved the ladies. :)
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    My dark elf bard is the next incarnation of the Prince of Shadows should he die (someone always must wear the mantle), and as a side effect causes chaos and downfall wherever she goes and lingers.

    Edit: She has Legendary Romantic Villainess at +5 as a background.
  • Elven sorcerer: my soul is a phylactary, but I don't know for whom/what it's the source of my sorcerous powers.

    I have arcane knowledge as a skill, and say my soul acts as an "arcane intersect".
  • Cleric: my god is inside me, from reading a book in the Priestess's library
    Fighter: I have no head, just an empty hood.
    Thief: my backgrounds are my past lives, the ones which weren't stolen by the Prince of Shadows.
  • These are awesome... Please continue sharing.


    Dwarven Barbarian : I captained the surviving crew of The Truffled Pig after a pirate attack.
    Human Wizard: Every year on my birthday, a Phoenix gifts me one of it's tail feathers.


    I still am trying to come up with a good OUT for my Human Ranger concept. There is this pirate movie with this Knife Thrower in it, and I've always wanted to play that character, but never have had a chance. In the movie, he's an escaped slave and a circus performer, and those serve very well as Backgrounds, and I can even get relationships out of it, but it does leave me for a loss for the OUT. I don't think "I have the most rememberable laugh in all the Empire" is quite good enough.
  • One of my players has (paraphrased):

    Dwarf cleric: I was frozen in ice since the 11th age
  • Another thing I forgot, the Prince of Shadows stole my character's connection to the Elf Queen, so now she has a bond to him.

    I also made Angelique Fairwind who robbed The Medanci Union Warehouse (and hidden Vault), which had never been broken into before, much less without getting caught. This was the very same night the Prince of Shadows performed his own robbery, only to find she had gotten there first. She was for a game that sadly I couldn't get to play in due to technical problems.
  • My first ever character's OUT is "Wears a thin blindfold made from the shirt of the first man he killed."
  • For my crazed out Edge Wizard, academy dropout. I wrote this one : "Can only enter a building after being invited."
  • Seems like many of the OUTs involve close personal relationships with Icons. I prefer more understated OUTs that have the potential to develop into relationships with the Icons through play. Example: I am the last of an illustrious line of dwarven dungeoneers.
  • I guess I take the opposite tack. One of my characters was a lieutenant of the Wizard King during the First Age, recently resurrected by the Lich King. Unfortunately he doesn't remember anything of his former life or have any idea why agents of the Lich King keep coming after him.
  • Hah, Azhmodai! A friend (who took over as GM in our game) had the Reaper of Souls, the warlord of the Lich King, a skeletal figure who rose up to harass the land over and over through the ages. But the Priestess captured and resurrected him. And he was TRYING to be a good guy... though there was that time he said if a wizard teleported us in the wrong direction we were going to go back to his woods with a wagon full of torches and burn it down around his ears. Note, HE was our moral compass.
  • A few OUT's from my character's upcoming campaign...

    1, a Gnome Rogue's mother had a magical mishap right before birth. some illusion or magical experiement went awry and her baby was born with cat features. She's the only Neko in the Dragon Empire.

    2, A half-elven Ranger Orc Hunter who's the only half-elf ever trusted into the Elf Queen's holy guard. This one's fairly straight forward, and I haven't heard his explanation yet on how his half-elf got into the elite elf-only organization. On the up side, he as a player took up the invention of this group, fleshed it out a bit, and it's now a part of the world that I didn't have to put any work into. 13th Age encourages that sort of stuff in a fun way. Collaborative story-telling and world building is great.

    I have 2 more players that haven't finished theirs yet, but I'll post them here when I do.
  • My High Elf sorcerers One Unique thing is that he was born from a bucket of rain water. It's seems weird and pointless but it could lead to many story/plot twists and interesting RP. I'm thinking he got his powers from being from the rain inside of a cloud from the Overworld. How he became a living being? who knows...
  • Hatched from an egg
    An elf with a clockwork heart made by the dwarves
    The elven magician in the form of a half-orc, whether transformed or body-switched is not know.
    My shadow was stolen from me and is now hunting me down
  • From the game I am running:

    - He is the only person to have grown up in a hell-hole
    - He is the only person to be able to predict the future perfectly, but it happens randomly and rarely
    - Has Silver Eyes given to him by the Prince of Shadows; they can see metal even when hidden in someone’s pocket or embedded in a light material
    - He is the only living descendent of the Wizard King (note; there may be unliving descendants)
    - This dwarf ranger and his companion are the reincarnations of the most famous elven hunter pair to have existed
  • My group (I'm the DM)
    - I died last year in the the Mines, but came back. Now I am no longer considered a dwarf legally.
    - Accused of getting the Barbarian King's daughter pregnant. He didn't (so he says, we are merciless)
    - I am the only apprentice of the late Sigurd the Black, the most successful assassin in the Gotland thieves guild.
    - I hear the voices of my ancestors telling me I am destined to rule... or so I think (character is now dead)
    - I woke up one morning and was married to a bear (bear is now dead in game, and character used this to alter several talents and is now on a revenge seeking mission)
    -The only survivor of a ship that sailed over the edge of the world. (character is now dead)

    there is one more I won't publish for game reasons :)
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    - I died last year in the the Mines, but came back. Now I am no longer considered a dwarf legally.
    I love this one.
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    I started running a game for my friends, and they've come up with some neat ones:

    - Norn Steelfist, Dwarf Cleric: I am the last great Dwarven Hero.

    - Wizholm Glyphweaver, Gnome Wizard: The only being of my kind—neither alive nor undead.

    - Mirriam Oslance, Tiefling Fighter: I am the last descendent of a Lord of Demons.

    - "Sir" Gares Noleg, Aasimar Barbarian: I am the Emperor's personal bounty hunter.

    Some of them have already come into play beautifully, and others are going to be front and center very soon.
  • One of my players has something like:

    "I am an intelligent sword that used to belong to the Crusader."

    He is playing a squire of a fallen paladin who fought the Crusader and took his sword away. Now in combat he's possessed by the sword, which is a cursed +2 sword of reckless battle.

    He's an aasimar barbarian, with his rage representing letting the sword take control.
  • My halfling wizard is the greatest cook in the realm. Everyone who eats his meals remembers them for years afterwards.
  • Played a flagellant barbarian over the weekend. His blood from self-inflicted wounds for the Priestess caused blighted and corrupted ground to be less so.
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    Playing a Monk who thinks his decades of training are making it so he is less effected by the elements and has to eat/drink less. In truth, he died and was resurrected by The Lich King as an undead servant. He just thinks he's pretty badass.
  • For a wizard: 'Never leaves a dungeon without his pointy hat...' We had fun discussing whether this would mainly influence his role-playing or perhaps have an effect on game world metaphysics. We'll find out... The same player also took 'Arcane Archaeologist' and 'Whip-wielding tomb raider' among his backgrounds...
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    I love this one..
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    But I think one of my favorite OUTs I ever wrote was for a PC in one of the games I was running at GenCon and the character was "My alter-ego is the world's second greatest lover."
    "Second" greatest lover. It would be interestin to track down number one...
  • My five year old daughter's is that her gnome cleric is 6" tall. Her support character fits in Mommy's pocket and uses broad effect buffs and the ranged attack to help the party.
  • Donk Beagan, Gnome Sorcerer
    "As a child I swallowed a scale of the Great Gold Wyrm, and it's still inside me."

    Elaine, Forgeborn Paladin
    "I am the only Forgeborn with a biological heart. My heart remembers that its previous owner owes the Dwarf King his life."

    Brodd Greenfoot, Halfling Ranger
    "My reflection is a owlbear. I don't know why, and it terrifies me. Needless to say I avoid mirrors, ponds and shiny objects."
  • Sebastian Encantado (Tiefling paladin): I am a reformed incubus
    Ovlond Stormbrew (Dwarf fighter): I have been an adventurer for 200 years.
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