Mutant City Blues Fiction?

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I was harassing Simon on twitter earlier today and asked about some kind of fiction being produced for Mutant City Blues. He said in part it would depend on the demand. So I thought I'd post here and find out if there is any demand for such a thing. So is there? Personally I'd love to see short stories or novels set in the MCB setting. I think it is rife with possibilities for interesting stories to be told.

So if this interests you post here and let Pelgrane hear your voice! :D


  • MCB is the best setting you're not playing and I would be interested in some short stories. I didn't get to run anything from Brief Cases, but did enjoy reading through the adventures more than I think other published adventures I've read in the past.
  • MCB is an awesome setting and I wish my players were interested in it. Unfortunately they aren't.
  • I am certainly listening. MCB is the most perfect match of system and setting for GUMSHOE for me - I've never had a bad game. Everyone knows how to play a police procedural, and it's set in Your Town, so only the mutant stuff is new. To players. Plus,the Quade diagram is a work of genius.
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    Well, there is one part of the setting that I think will make it difficult for fiction and that's the rather nebulous location of the Quade Institute. In the game, it automatically sets up shop in the Campaign City, whether that city is Los Angeles, Toronto, or even Berlin. This is fine for a game, but not so much for writing stories; if Pelgrane/Stoneskin does start accepting submissions for MCB fiction, they'll be getting stories set in a mess of different locals.

    About the only way I see to fix it, (and cause less headaches in the long term), is to do a bit of retcon of the MCB world and give the institute a permanent home. Yes, I know it's a dirty word (especially when applied to a supers setting), but it's the best way to avoid confusion in future books. Maybe if/when MCB is due for a new edition, whenever that'll be. :)
  • I and my players LOVE MCB but I would like to run more prepared adventures, preferable a campaign of linked adventures along the line of the HEROES TV-series (Big Bad Mutant Plot). I would shell out my €uros with more delight than to spend them on short stories. Actually, I probably wouldn't by short stories at all.
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