New Eso Bk Falliing apart

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Sorry about this thread as I would have emailed to customer service but its going to be awhile before I get a chance and this computer does not have email. But I had to post this straight away as I am disappointed. I normally only buy pdfs of Pelgrane books but have recently decided to invest and get printed copies.
My brand new only half read so far Esoterrorists book has already started falling apart at the beginning. Pg 13 is totally loose and those around it soon to follow.

Now its going to end up just like a pdf in a folder. For the record I was a book shop owner and now how to treat a book, plus printed gaming books are a luxury for me know so I treat them well.
Any way just a heads up, if others get the same problem it may be a bad printing batch.



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    If you email Pelgrane, they will do something about it. They are more likely to deal with emails quickly than posts to the forum.
  • Yes I will do that as I mentioned in my post I can't from where I am at the moment. Hopefully its only me.
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