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At fist level when you record your Class Feature, do you get the first feat for free or does it cost that 1st level feat slot?


  • A class feature is not a feat. When you pick a class, you get all its class features automatically and they don't use up any feat slots or talent slots.
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    Correct the Barbarian Class Feature is not a feat, it's a class feature. But that class feature has 3 feats listed under it for Adventurer, Epic and Champion

    I was wondering if the first Adventurer feat for the Barbarian Rage class feature is for free or if you have to pay for it with your 1st level feat slot.
  • You have to pay for it.

    Out of curiosity, what made you think it would be for free?
  • You have to pay for feats out of your slots. But you can change them when you level up.
  • I thought it might be for free because the rules state all barbarians get barbarian rage for free. I just wasn't sure if that meant the first feat as well

    Thanks for clarifying everyone
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    What the others say.

    But I'm also curious about what gave you the idea that you would get a free feat with a class feature but not with your race, talents or powers?
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