Acquiring new sources of stability

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A PC lost a source of stability in an unfortunate series of events * Keeper chuckles contentedly * .
Consequently the PC looses three points stability permanently (Am I right?).
Are there any suggestion to how to acquiring a new source of stability in this situation?
I don't want to ruin the player's PC forever, nor do I want him to bring in "just any guy" as his new source. Grateful for suggestions.


  • Introduce a NPC as a source of stability through role-playing? I think that is possible. A lover or child or long lost brother would not be too unrealistic. The role playing aspect may make the player not take his/her new source of stabilty for granted. Also it gives you handles with which to mess with the player :)
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    Yes, losing a source drops a characters Stability rating “If anything bad happens to them, … you permanently lose the rating points they're linked to." (pg 48).

    There are no explicit rules for regaining Sources of Stability. but assuming you are allowing recovery of Stability rating, then I would allow the player to buy back that rating with build points (pg 82, Improving Your Investigator). I see no reason that Stability purchase in this fashion is any different to at character creation. Thus, for every three points you need to have another Source of Stability, and conversely you have to buy back the rating before you get the source.

    Personally I would require that before the a new Source can be acquired there be at least some in fiction basis for it; a couple of brief scenes through out the preceding sessions to introduce the character and establish a relationship.
  • Thanks for your advice. I totally agree with your suggestions.
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