Questions about Owl Hoot Trail

Hey all - I am a fan of Western RPGs & I was wondering about this new one.

Specifically what are the rules like? Is it Archmage, Gumshoe, d20? I play Deadlands now but i love the idea of a Fantasy Western with orc, elves, etc.

Also I haven't seen any reviews for this yet online. Has anyone here picked it up & tried it?

Lastly I've been loving 13th Age recently & was wondering if it was possible to combine elements of Owl Hoot Trail with elements of 13th Age.



  • The rules for Owl Hoot Trail are based on Microlite d20, so they are most similar to d20, but much simpler and lighter. As both 13th Age and Owl Hoot Trail are based in some way on d20, I would think it would be possible to combine elements fairly easily (though I've not got 13th Age, so couldn't say for sure).
  • I've been considering how to mash up Owl Hoot Trail and 13th Age; the avatar figures are tricksy and fun to consider new roles for.

    Is the Emperor the English king, or perhaps varies by age? Is the Elf Queen the Mother of the Tribes? Is the Priestess the Virgin of Guadalupe? Is the Crusader the head of the Dogs of the Faith from "Dogs in the Vineyard"? Is the Archmage the Grand Inventor? Is the Dwarf King called Molly Maguire or perhaps Dolly Pentreath? Is the Orc Lord called The General and is his flag grey with red bars? Is the Diabolist the Witch?

    More importantly, what do I do with gunfightin'?
  • You could import gunfightin' wholesale from OHT into 13A, and use the injury table too.

    I've run several months worth of OHT, up to about 7th level I think. The PCs are pretty ornery now and have had a series of wild adventures in the Badlands (that's better the Betterlands and the Badderlands). They've trailed bandits to their lair, cleaned out a mine, solved the mystery of the cursed gold (and built a steam-powered degausser to remove the curse), fought with owlbears (and lost), dinosaurs (and won), seen the most incredible sight ever (but immediately forgotten what is was), saved Christmas and been duped by a card-shark armed with a hatpin.
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