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  • Hey, I want to upload a pdf document. Do you just do that through the image uploader? If so, it's giving me an error:

    File type not supported
    FILE=Escalation Die.pdf
  • First select “submit content” from the navigation menu. After that a new page with an editor opens. Below the text box are some buttons, click the left one called “add attachment”. You can now select the file from your computer, enter a short discription and an alternate file name. That’s it.

    Images are handled differently. You save them in a global directory to use them everywhere. Attachments are directly linked to the one article you uploaded them.
  • Kenderama, and “About the Vault” back down again … ;)
  • Kazekami: Because you are so helpful to others, I'll move that menu item for you. ;-)

  • I just added 9 new magic items to the site from my running of the 13th Age adaptation of Ravenloft this weekend.

    2 Weapons
    2 Armors
    1 Shield
    1 Cloak
    1 Boots
    1 Bracers
    1 Wand

    Remember, is open for any and all submissions! The more you put up there, the easier it is for everyone to find. :)
  • Hi folks!

    I've submitted my own version of "Arcane Archer", the first of a series of "Special talents" (talents which require 2 regular talents to be chosen).
    I'm workin' on the "Warden" talent for Barbarians and more stuff...

    Give it a try and let me know!!!
  • Thanks Artemis! Looks good!
  • Can things be added to this that wouldn't really work in the default setting of 13th Age, but would be for a totally different setting that would use much of the same rule set?
    I.E. Icons from a different nation or world, monsters/races with fluff that is utterly different from what exists in the default setting.
  • Yes - just make some notes in the entry maybe giving suggestions as to their use.
  • Actually, there's a Game Setting section. :) As well as Setting Flavor.
  • Hi guys!

    Added Creature Cards that I made for my group to use, hope you find them useful.
  • I have added a bunch of stuff I wrote up so far about an alternate setting. It is far more "fairy tale" than "Tolkein" in general. I put up flavor text for Goblinoids and Elvenkind and a bunch of Icons. Some of the Icons are pretty similar to what is already in 13th age with the striking exception that even the "good guys" have a clearly distinct evil side to them.

    I think in the setting the traditional alignment system gets thrown clear out the 7th story window into oncoming traffic.
  • Great stuff guys. Thanks!
  • I have added to the Race's section info for playing a Hobgoblin PC. I am uncertain whether the racial power I gave them was too strong or not. Since it is a defensive power, I guess it all depends on what the DM throws at the PCs.
  • The site died.
  • edited December 2013
    It got hacked this weekend.. I put it back up from backup just about an hour ago. Shouldn't have lost anything.
  • It got hacked again, Kenderama.
  • Posted By: harenIt got hacked again, Kenderama.

    Looks fine to me
  • Looks fine to me too. If you see otherwise, please tell me the URL you are using.
  • I was using and it was messed up last night... but it's ok now, of course.
  • Very strange. Maybe there was a DNS issue or something. I didn't do anything, honest. :)
  • I made an obsidian portal wiki-linked wiki for a region of the Overworld. I had it in .doc form but it reads better as a wiki. If I wanted to post on Vault, should I make a .pdf/.txt writeup version of it, or just link to the obsidian portal wiki? it's here :
  • I would suggest that while you could do it either way, if it is finished, make a PDF and upload it - that way if your campaign ever goes away, it's still there.

    If it is not finished, just link it, or else update the PDF every month or so. :)
  • Hi folks!

    ...just sharin' some new work I'm doing. :)

    Thanks in advance for advices, shares and so forth.
  • I created a war dancer class some time back. Its a little outdated now since the new classes use very similar mechanics. I think with a bit of tweaking it can be an interesting alternative again.
  • edited August 2014
    I've uploaded my ruleset for playing sci-fi, futuristic and modern settings based on 13th Age Archmage Engine.
  • The website is down. Hopefully not forever?
  • It's working again.
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