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After a couple weeks, I think my site is ready for re-opening. Originally I was trying to use a Wiki-based software, and then google sites to build content, but could never find a good mix of ease of use and multi-user-submissions and commentary. There are still a few more tweaks I want to put into place on the backend, but the ability to register, submit content, search, and stuff is all in place.

So, announcing -- Vault of the 13th Age.

For anyone who has content to submit, feel free to register an account and start adding data. (Also please whisper me here if I added stuff already that is yours and I can assign the "created by" over to you. Each item has links back to it's originator, but I'd prefer everyone to be able to edit / care for their own.)

Feel free to comment here with suggestions/errors/complaints and such.


  • Looks like a good start. Once I get some free time, I'll put some stuff from my blog over there!
  • The more the merrier. :) Thanks!
  • Hey Thanks for this - i'll start adding stuff on when i can, unless it appears there first! will deff. spread the word!
  • Great idea, i've added my character sheet
  • This is a great idea, I love this kind of projects.
  • Just wanted to say thank you for this, this is a great idea. I have a lot of D&D 4E content and have been working on converting some of the monsters to 13th Age (as I use them in my game). After a few games I'm sure my payers will want more choices of powers and items so this could be a great resource. I think the work of the community can really make this great system shine :)
  • I made this thread sticky so it stays at the top of the forum. =)
  • Posted By: LeandroI have a lot of D&D 4E content and have been working on converting some of the monsters to 13th Age
    I look forward to seeing them, Leandro!
  • Posted By: Adam DrayI made this thread sticky so it stays at the top of the forum. =)
    Thanks Adam - didn't feel right doing it for myself. ;-)

    Starting to see more and more submissions everyday!
  • Submitted some content. I assume that when I clicked "save" that it sent it off to you for approval? That wasn't perfectly clear on the "how to submit content" page.
  • It does, but you should have the ability under the "Publishing" tab to mark it as "Published".

    If anyone doesn't see that let me know and I'll figure out what is wrong. :)
  • I have a dragoon class, and a druid class that I created. I also have a full conversion of a new game, but I think ill make my own site for that. I'm also planning on doing a Psion at some point soon. I have no idea how to actually submit anything though.
  • Once you create an account, there is a link giving you a walkthrough of the submission process.
  • Just added my first item (Stormglory, the Thunderstruck Rod). I have a bunch of magic items on my obsidian portal I can move over.

    I'm also developing a flying realm that I'll add when it gets finished.
  • Thank you! I used your item in my game just the day before yesterday. :)

    Also some updates to the site:

    - New section for One Unique Things
    - Some code tweaks for speed.
    - Auto-publishing of content (so you don't wait on admin approval)
  • Do you want the Contest character ideas and 2nd level pre-gen characters there? If so, where?
  • Thanks for reminding me about this Adam. Life's been insanely busy for the last 2 weeks, so I didn't get the chance to add a Pre-Gen section. That has now been remedied. :) Just create it as normal and attach the PDF of the pre-gen to the article.
  • I have just posted my Escalation Die inserts for use with a photo cube to the Vault.

    Kenderama, would it be possible to allow ZIP-files as attachments?
  • Posted By: KazekamiKenderama, would it be possible to allow ZIP-files as attachments?
    +1 !! Would make it a lot easier to actually HOST files there, if this is the intent with regards to DL/repository for materials.
  • Wish = Command. :) You can now upload ZIP files as attachments.

    Personal Note: I thank everyone who's been adding to the site! I do however completely apologize for not checking this forum more actively - just after I got back from GenCon I assumed a new role at work and I've spent the past 4 weeks trying to cram-learn years worth of training. :) Hopefully in another month or two I'll stop feeling like I'm drowning and get back to loitering around here and on G+.

    In the meantime - keep creating content! :D
  • Kenderama, thank you very much! You are doing an amazing job on this and I wish you all the best for your new position.

    One wish for a future update: Maybe you can integrate a news section on the frontpage. So you don’t have to search the whole database for new entries. A simple submission history would also be nice.
  • Thanks Kazekami!

    I've actually worked on a 'latest updates' module. It's possible, I just couldn't get it to look good enough. :)

    I'll take a swing it it again maybe tomorrow. I'm running 13th Age in about 2 hours at GrandCon here in Michigan, then .. well the rest of the convention. :D
  • Great news!

    Could it be helpful if each submission would include a short teaser sentence/paragraph and an optional image? So you could feed the module with headline, teaser text and image, to get nicely formated updates.

    If you’ve got a free teleport slot, please beam me to your session at GrandCon. I won’t make it in time from Germany to Michigan … ;) Have a nice time in The Dragon Empire!
  • Error message while uploading:Error uploading file ''!
    Illegal file extension: zip
    It still doesn’t work …
  • Apologies. I added 'ZIP' but not 'zip' :)

    I just tested and it works now.
  • Case-sensitive file extensions — very tricky! Thanks for not excluding the midgets … Hail to the Dwarf King! ;)
  • Just added!

    Menu Item: Latest Submissions

    See the last 2 weeks worth of submissions on one handy to check page :)
  • Nice!

    But wouldn’t it be easier to find if you to put the Latest Submissions first instead of last in the navigation bar?
  • It probably would. So done. :)
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