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  • Greetings all

    Looking to start a game in Pittsburgh, PA. I'll be running the game in the North Hills, at a game store off of Babcock. My Skype name is darmath. That's the best place to find me.
  • I'm looking to start running Shadows of Eldolan at Armored Gopher Games in Urbana, IL. First session was technically tonight, but I didn't get enough players. So the next session is Thursday, October 9th, and then every other Thursday after then until we're done. Game will run from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.
  • Myself and my girlfriend are looking for either an active group or to start a group ourselves.

    We live in Aliso Viejo, CA, in the orange county area, but we're willing to travel around 10-15 miles for a serious group. Looking to start with once a week gameplay, and maybe bump it up to twice a week if things go well.

    We'd both rather be players, but I'm not opposed to DMing if absolutely necessary. I've done some DMing with D and D 4th edition, so it shouldn't be an issue.

    I can be reached at Lumenangelus777@aol.com if anyone's interested.
  • Hi! I'll be starting 13th Age with the "Shadows of Eldolan" official mod on Dec14 2014 at the Dragon's Hoard in Staunton, VA (17 East Johnson St) and have first level pre-gens and blank character sheets available. I hope to turn this beginning into a semi-regular game using the Ash Law modules. Anyone is welcome - just bring yer dice... I can be reached at gurpsgm(at)gmail.com.
  • Just finished our 4e campaign.  We are going to be starting 13th Age in Henderson, NV very soon
  • Regular games are available in the Detroit (and soon Lansing) areas:

  • MadcapCH said:

    I'm in Omaha, NE. Looking for players or even existing groups to join.  I can be reached here or via my email. 

  • 13th Age Game  about to start.  We are a group looking for 1 or 2 more players St. Albans WV.
  • Starting a Tales of the 13th Age game in Sherwood, AR at Imagine Games and Hobbies. Thursdays from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM. Pregens will of course be available.
  • I'll be starting some sessions in the Petaluma, CA, U.S. area starting June 2015. I would love to have another GM to alternate with, as well, as my schedule only allows for 1-2 RPG sessions a month. My contact info and sign-ups can be found here (JeanH13): http://www.meetup.com/geekery/
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    I'll be running Wyrd of the Wild Wood on the RPG Crossing forums (level 2 starting adventure). Find all the info here! This is play-by-post, which is much slower and more drawn out than tabletop gaming, and far more writing intensive. For reference: I myself am playing in Crown of the Lich King on the same forum, which began the sixth chapter/session in the last couple weeks or so but started in August 2013. 18 to 24 months is probably a good estimate for a single six-session adventure like the ones provided at level 2. This is not a quick play and move on way to game!

    You can contact me on that forum via the messaging or jump right into the advertisement thread. I don't think I can take more than six at most, so I can't guarantee slots for everyone interested. The link above has a request for an application with a character concept, so I can select the six that are the best fit for the campaign. My advert says I'm planning to close applications at the end of the day July 12th, so I'd be starting within the week following.
  • Southeast Michigan players wanted!

    I am going to be running semi-regular Tales of the 13th Age games at RIW Hobbies in Livonia. 

    Sign up at:

    Or email me with any questions.
  • I'm holding an online campaign homebrew game of 13th Age on roll20.net, loosely based on JRPGs, known as Void Nation Rising. The full information is here:

    Since I do not check the 13th Age forums regularly, it's best to contact me on Skype at AncientSpark or to make further inquiries on the roll20 forums. Thanks.
  • Looking to host a 13th Age game in Garden City, MI. Open to organized play adventures, published, or home brew and willing to play, GM, or co-GM. Post here or email me at alberand at Google email if you are interested in joining.
  • Helloes from Finland
    My group will start playing and rolling characters in Jyväskylä somewhere around next week.
  • I'll be running "Into the Underworld" at Just Games in Penfield, NY (near Rochester) starting June 23rd from 6-9pm. Play will be most Thursdays from 6-9, presuming interest. Stop in!

  • I'm in Tacoma Washington and we just started the organized play at terracrux downtown. Every Wednesday 6-9pm
  • Willing to run in and around Nottingham UK. Or possibly try on roll20 not run anything on there before.
  • Im looking into running some tales at u con in november . What is this years module adventure line?
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