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  • Running another demo of 13th Age at the ConnectiCon Members Shop in Newington CT (705 North Mountain Rd.). This will take place on September 7th at 11:00 AM. Open to all, other RPG events to follow this one.
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    I'm running Tales of the 13th Age at Alternate Worlds in Cockeysville, Maryland, every Tuesday night from 7-9 PM.
  • I will be running 13th Age at Gateway Strategicon in Los Angeles on Saturday and Sunday. You can check out the con at http://www.strategicon.net/ and sign up for games here: http://v1.warhorn.net/gateway-2013/
  • I am currently running a 13th Age campaign in Olympia, WA. I wouldn't mind running another one, but more importantly I'd like to find another GM in the area so I can play. :)
  • Centerville, Ohio USA, at the gaming store called Epic Loot. I'm running 13th Age and am always looking for a few more players. E-mail me at UDtimg@yahoo.com, subject: "player looking for game" if you are interested.
  • Stamford, CT, USA

    Planning to run some 13th Age at AnonyCon this fall, December 6-8 at the Sheraton Stamford. Interested in connecting with GMs and players in the Northeast US (or travelers coming through)
  • Elgin, IL. I am running a demo tomorrow, 9/14 at the Gaming Goat in Elgin at 4:30 PM. We have 6 folks signed up for it.

    Assuming I get interest, I'll be starting the organized play scenario on Saturdays, with a double-episode next week to catch up.

    Details on this meetup group, http://www.meetup.com/Elgin-gamers/.
  • I haven't gotten the packet or anything, but I'd like to start running a 13th Age game in the Columbia, Maryland area. The game stores close to me are The Family Game Store in Savage Mill, CardBoard Gaming in Odenton, and Games & Stuff in Glen Burnie.

    There may be others, but I haven't been here long enough to find them all. I'd offer to run at my apartment but it is a tiny single. Shoot me an email at sorazorashii@gmail.com and we'll see what happens.
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    I'm running a 13th Age campaign currently on Sundays in Pasadena, CA at Game Empire Pasadena. There are still a few open spots which can be signed up for via the Pasadena D&D Meetup Group:


    (At present, I'm not currently running the organized play adventures but I am planning on transitioning to them in a bit.)
  • Ok, as of now I am running Tales of the 13th AGE 1PM on Sundays at Terra Crux games (http://terracruxgames.com/) on an ongoing basis.

    Yay! Just introduced four young minds to our game, 3 of them with no tabletop roleplaying experience.
  • Posted By: BigDamnHeroI haven't gotten the packet or anything, but I'd like to start running a 13th Age game
    Hi BigDamnHero. Hopefully, you received your Organized Play info by now (should have arrived via email). If not, please email ash.law@fireopalmedia.com, and I'm sure he'll be happy to help you out.
  • If you're in or around Des Moines, Iowa, stop by the Chamber of Champions (2625 Beaver Ave.) to play some Tales of the 13th Age starting at 11am and going until all the seats are empty.
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    Final info: I will run "Quest in the Cathedral" on Tues, Nov 12, starting at 5 pm, at Comic Toast here in Harrisonburg, VA. Located in "Dukes Plaza" on the south side of town, Comic Toast has plenty of room to game and has a good selection of comics and games and accessories available.

    I have blank character sheets and pre-gens for player use - just bring your dice!

    I'm ready to go if you are...
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    New Jersey, here. Near Trenton. I'd like to be in a 13th Age game. I'm open to GM, but I'd rather be a player.
  • I'm hosting a campaign here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

    We could use another player.
  • Hi, I am an experienced DM interested in running 13th Age's organized play adventures in the Woodlands area north of Houston. I can also play if there is an established group. Contact me if available/interested.
  • If you want some 13th Age in Jackson MI we play every other Monday. Send a message for details.
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    Antwerp, Belgium checking in.

    Playing every Tuesday evening, from 19:00 till 22:00 at the Outpost

  • Hello all!

    I'm new to the forum and at the start of March i will be new to the Avondale, Arizona area. I GM my own game currently at home in Massachusetts. I don't really run Tales of 13th Age but I run the game just re-skinned (different Icon names, slightly different geography, etc.) and I need players. The guys here love it and i really believe that people on here will love it too. Give me a holler at SeanMClark617@gmail.com if you're interested!

    Game on and may your adventures be fruitful
  • I am running a 13th Age campaign in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. We meet on Monday nights, though day/time is somewhat flexible. Looking for a couple new players.
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  • If anyone is looking for a play-by-post game, I'm recruiting for an upcoming Red Hand of Doom campaign on myth-weavers.com. This will be a 13th Age conversion of the D&D 3rd edition adventure, so I've taken some liberties with how the icon relationships work.

  • I run Tales of the 13th Age on Tuesdays at 6:00PM in Champaign, IL at the Gaming Goat.
  • Any games running here in London (UK)?
  • Seeking players for a family/kid friendly campaign in Los Angeles, CA
  • We will be hosting Tales of the 13th Age sessions in the Metro Detroit area. The folks who host the local Pathfinder Society website have been kind enough to let us use their Warhorn site to organize our games.

    Our next session will be Parts 5 and 6 of the Wyrd of the Wild Wood. I will post more information here about the next session if people are interested, but we definitely have room for players.
  • I would GM 13th age sessions in Galveston, TX at Board Game Island cafe, but I need more players.

    If you're in the area and interested message me here or at https://twitter.com/robertpateii
  • Bought the book and downloaded the pdf. New to the game and having touble understanding it. Coming from 4th Ed of DnD so somewhat confused on some agendas. Anyone willing to talk over the internet (skype or any other means of voice chat) to demo or discuss 13th age please whisper or pm me thanks
  • I am organizing play in Southeast Michigan (Detroit) using some value-added elements to help build the local community. Come visit:

  • South Denver metro: Starting a home game using 13th age and Midgard. Have 3 people so far and play 6:30-10:30 on the 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays of the month.
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