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Tales of the 13th Age is the free ongoing organized play program for the 13th Age roleplaying game. You can play it anywhere you like: at home, your local game store, the neighborhood tavern…wherever. To learn more and sign up, visit http://owl.li/wo0eu

GMs: If you're looking for interested players, use this thread to share when and where they can find you, and how to get in touch with you.

Players: Please do NOT post here. Instead, contact the GMs using the contact info they provide. We're trying to keep this thread an easy-to-scan listing of available organized play games. Thanks.


  • Let's see... I'm located in the Philippines Quezon City area (near SM North EDSA). Interested players can PM me here or look up my Google+ profile page and send a private message to me there. While a concrete schedule is yet to be finalized, I'll see if I can make myself available at least one evening per week, preferably Saturdays.
  • I am running a game at Dice Dojo in Chicago, IL. Interested players can PM me here or shoot an email to me at dkaehl2 (at) gmail (dot) com. Currently, the game is scheduled for Thursdays at 7pm, but that can change if enough people can't make that time.
  • I am in the Baltimore, Maryland, area. I don't yet have a schedule, but I am willing to run 13th Age for people pretty much whenever (outside of business hours), with a little notice. Email me at adamdray@gmail.com.

    I plan to chat with my FLGS this week and see if they want me to run something for them. That's Alternate Worlds in Cockeysville, Maryland.
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    I'm in the Sierra Vista, Arizona area, and I"m willing to demo 13th Age for interested people if they can give me a bit of notice. Not sure if there'll be a regular game or Tales of the 13th Age going on just yet, my group's still deciding if they want to do this or Numenera.
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    Location: Downers Grove, IL
    Place: Fair Game store
    Time: Sundays beginning at Noon
    Recaps & Blog: 13th Age Talespinners

    Fair Game store in Downers Grove, IL has added 13th Age to their Sunday RPG lineup. My boyfriend and I will be acting GMs. We've already had success doing some play tests of 13th Age at Fair Game earlier this year so we are very excited to start organized play. We are both organizers of a local geeks and gamers Meetup and with Fair Game's permission we are organizing the sign-ups through the Meetup site. You can find a full description and links to each weekly sign-up on the Fair Game forums here. Thank you for your interest! :)
  • I'm talking to the owner's of Nerdy Stuff in Parkland WA (outskirts of Tacoma). If that doesn't work out, I'll do something from home.
  • I'm running in SF on the 7th and 14th of August

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    Updated info for Los Angeles organized play, please see below
  • London, UK checking in.
  • Kalamazoo, MI here. This area is very much dominated by Pathfinder. I am hoping to find a group, as I have gotten a little tired of Pathfinder.
  • I'll be running Tales of the 13th Age in Grand Rapids, MI at Big Kidz Games starting at Noon this Saturday, August 3rd. Questions can be emailed to kenderama@13thage.org
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    I'd like to GM Session#1 this Sunday the 4th online via Skype and roll20.net at 7:00pm eastern. Any interest?
  • I made this discussion "sticky" so it stays at the top of the forum.
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    Hey guys, please don't use this thread for discussion. Otherwise, the information that people need - if there's a game near them, and how to join - will quickly become impossible to find.

    If you're a GM looking for players, please include contact information or a sign-up link in your post so that interested people can get in touch with you off-thread.

  • Alternatively, whisper your interest to the GM so only you and they see it. I'll edit some responses and make them whispers.
  • I'm running games in Monza, Italy
  • I am looking to start Tales of the 13th Age organized play events at my local game store - "Just for Fun", located in Peoria IL. We still need to determine dates - but most likely Sunday afternoons or Tuesday evenings.
  • OK, I have not heard back from Nerdy Stuffs at this time. Anyone in the Tacoma WA area who is interested (Heavy Zed, I already got you) please email me at jonathan_sicari@hotmail.com with 13th AGE in the subject line and I'll make an email circle and we'll work this out. Crosses fingers and hopes my book arrives today.
  • I'm planning to run Tales of the 13th Age in the West side of São Paulo, Brazil. Please reach me out via anand at rolando20.com.br .
  • Has anyone run the first session yet? I'm planning to run a home session on Thursday evening so I still haven't done so myself. Just curious what people think so far.
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    I'm going to be pretty strict in this thread, which is to be used ONLY for posting announcements about upcoming gaming opportunities for Tales of the 13th Age.

    If you want to play in one of these games, please use the Whisper box to talk privately to the GM; do NOT post a response in this thread. I will edit these comments and turn them into whispers when I see them.

    If you want to discuss how games are going, etc., please start a new thread. Do NOT discuss games in this thread. I will DELETE these comments when I see them.

    By moderating the thread strictly, I can keep this thread easy for people to search for game opportunities.

    Thanks for understanding,
    Adam (one of the 13th Age Forum Moderators)
  • I'm located in SLC, willing to GM or play.
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    I am willing to GM in Aarhus, Denmark (Yes, that small country in Europe!)

    I'd also like to ask people from USA to clearly write this in their posts, as most people outside the US don't get references like
    Posted By: HagalazI'm located in SLC, willing to GM or play.
    Thanks for taking the fact that 13th Age lives all over the world into consideration :)
  • I will be GMing the first part of the 'Crown of the Lich King' starting at 2pm this coming Saturday, 10th August, at the Games Shop in Aldershot (The Games Shop, 6 Wellington Street, Aldershot, GU11 1DZ, UK. ▫ Tel: 01252 311 443)
    If you're in the area, and would like to play some 13th Age, please register your interest on the Facebook event page:
    - Or whisper to me here...
  • I will be doing the 2 hour demo scenario tomorrow August 9th at the Connecticon Members Shop in Newington CT. Hoping to start around 11:00 ish. If anyone wants to drop by and play ask for James. Rally looking forward to giving this a test drive. If I get enough interest I will begin the Crown of the Lich King story.
  • Regrettably, I'm running the first two eps tonight for a private group of friends (sorry Heavy Zed). I am still working on a public forum.
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    I will be running "Crown of the Lich King" in Los Angeles, California Tuesday nights at 7pm, at Melrose Music and Comics. Signups will be handled via Facebook HERE
  • I'll be running games in Albuquerque NM if anyone wants to join in.
  • I'm running Tales of the 13th Age at Alternate Worlds in Cockeysville, Maryland, every Tuesday night from 7-9 PM.
  • After a hugely enjoyable session last weekend I will be GMing the second part of the 'Crown of the Lich King' starting at 2pm this coming Saturday, 17th August, at the Games Shop in Aldershot (The Games Shop, 6 Wellington Street, Aldershot, GU11 1DZ, UK. ▫ Tel: 01252 311 443)

    There's still a couple of table spaces, so if you're in the area - and would like to play some 13th Age - please register your interest on the Facebook event page:


    - Or whisper to me here...
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